Current Research Projects

  • GT Accessible Aquarium Project is to make dynamic exhibits such as those at museums, science centers, zoos and aquaria more engaging and accessible for visitors with vision impairments by providing real-time interpretations of the exhibits using innovative tracking, music, narrations, and adaptive sonification.

  • A toolset, curriculum, and social network for collaborative, computational hip-hop remixing designed to engage high-school students in basic computer science.


  • In LOLC, the musicians in the laptop orchestra use a textual performance interface, developed specifically for this piece, to create and share rhythmic motives based on a collection of recorded sounds

  • A client-server system for mass audience participation in live performances using smartphones.

  • Shimi is a smart-phone enabled robotic musical companion that can respond to and enhance your musical experiences.

  • Shimon is an improvising robotic marimba player that is designed to create meaningful and inspiring musical interactions with humans, leading to novel musical experiences and outcomes.

  • Sonic Generator is the contemporary music ensemble-in-residence at Georgia Institute of Technology dedicated to the performance and exploration of music composed, shaped, influenced, enhanced, and created by the use of technology.

  • UrbanRemix is a collaborative and locative sound project consisting of a mobile phone system and web interface for recording, browsing, and mixing audio.