Areas of Research


The Acoustics research at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology strives to bridge the fields of music, engineering, and technology. Current projects include historical acoustics, musical acoustics, and impedance tube testing


Develops transformative technologies for music education, creates curriculum and technologies for STEAM (arts and engineering) classrooms, and studies the ways people learn as impacted by music, technology, and creativity.

Music Informatics

The music informatics group designs algorithms and software to enable new ways of producing, accessing and enjoying digital music.


The Sonification Group is an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty, students, and visiting artists who are interested in exploring novel approaches for auditory displays for utilitarian as well as artistic means.

Distributed Music

The Distributed Music Group develops enabling technologies and musical works which create new connections among composers, performers, and listeners.

Mobile Music

The Mobile Music Group develops new instruments and applications to empower music fans as well as musicians to create, perform and consume music in novel manners using mobile devices.

Robotic Musicianship

The Robotic Musicianship Group aims to facilitate meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines, leading to novel musical experiences and outcomes.