Haile is a robotic percussionist that can listen to live players, analyze their music in real-time, and use the product of this analysis to play back in an improvisational manner. It is designed to combine the benefits of computational power and algorithmic music with the richness, visual interactivity, and expression of acoustic playing. We believe that when collaborating with live players, Haile can facilitate a musical experience that is not possible by any other means, inspiring players to interact with it in novel expressive manners, which leads to novel musical outcome. Two pieces were composed for Haile, “Pow” for a robotic and human percussionist playing a Native American Pow Wow drum, and “Jam’aa”, for a Middle Eastern drum circle and a robotic percussionist.



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“It was great fun to watch and hear the two-armed robotic drummer, Haile, jam with two humans, each had a drum, each listened, reacted, improvised. Here the electronics were inside Haile’s brain and her drumming was made in acoustic space… the future is now.”

Pierre Ruhe, Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Concert Review” November 11, 15, 2006.


“Haile has listening skills and can join and improvise with live players. One of Weinberg’s students played the darbuka. The robot pulled out his arms and gave his own version to the sound of the drum. Real improvisation!”

Yossi Harsonski, Maariv Dailey Newspaper “Event Review” March 22, 2006 (translated from Hebrew)


“Gil Weinberg and Scott Driscoll of the Georgia Institute of Technology recently unveiled Haile – a revolution in interactivity and continued proof that man and machine really can make beautiful music together.”

Daniel Levin Becker Becker, Resonance Magazine, “FWD” March 2006




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