Sonification Group

The Sonification Group is an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty, students, and visiting artists who are interested in exploring novel approaches for auditory displays for utilitarian as well as artistic means. As part of the GTCMT artist-in-residence program, artists such as Laurie Anderson and the Open Ended Group are collaborating with faculty and students from the Schools of Music, Architecture, Design, Psychology, and Computation to push the field of sonification and auditory display to the next level.

Research Projects


  • GT Accessible Aquarium Project is to make dynamic exhibits such as those at museums, science centers, zoos and aquaria more engaging and accessible for visitors with vision impairments by providing real-time interpretations of the exhibits using innovative tracking, music, narrations, and adaptive sonification.


  • In collaboration with the Potter Group at the Laboratory for Neuroengineering at Georgia Tech, the Brain Wave project sonified signals from cultured neurons recorded by multielectrode array and was presented as a musical piece titled BrainWaves

  • Drawn together is an artwork in which participants will interact with artificial intelligence agents to create unforeseen and original drawings and musical responses.

Current Students



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