Listening Machines

Students perform at Listening Machines concert.

The 12th Annual Music Technology Student Concert

Listening Machines is an annual concert featuring music by students from the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology. The theme this year is "interdependencies and large group collaboration". A variety of new musical instruments, ranging from DIY controllers and hi-tech MIDI controllers to vintage analog synths, are connected to one another to form a larger musical organism controlled by multiple musicians. The concert will take place April 22 at 7 p.m. in the Couch Building (Room 115) on Georgia Tech's campus. Admission is free, and we invite everyone to come listen and experience the future of music!

Musical Performances

Not So Far Away (Live Remix)

Performers: Tyler White, Lea Ikkache, Brandon Westergaard, Jonny Wang

This piece uses four instruments to interpret a composition by Brandon Westergaard: “Not So Far Away.” Today’s technologies allow us to easily and instantly communicate with others regardless of location, so this piece’s theme is the joy brought by the possibility to connect with loved ones despite long distances thanks to technologies like Skype. The piece itself lightly follows the experience of connecting with a loved one at a distance with the overall expression of one’s experience of communication in the modern world.

To Do Or Not To Do

Performers: Somesh Ganesh, Amruta Vidwans, Rupak Vignesh, Siddharth Gururani, Vinod Subramanium, Ashis Pati

It is said that a person in love experiences all the different emotions which sometimes are even felt simultaneously. This piece explores the inner conflicts and the state of the mind of an individual in love and attempts to paint a musical landscape of emotions such as ecstasy, happiness, anxiety, anger, sadness and despair through the different instruments.

Broken Pipe

Performers: Alan Liu, Rex Wang, Henry Wang, Zhao Yan, Hongzhao Guan

The story of this piece is about six individuals with different personalities, represented by our six different instruments that resemble their personalites traits. The main characterin the story is the one with the most characteristics and expressiveness, the Bag Pipe. The story will unfold in a way where the Bag Pipe communicates with the other instruments troughout the piece. Listen as we explore the harmony and dissonance of the communication.

Silk Road

Performers: Hua Xiao, Jyoti Narang, Jingyun, Milap Rane

This piece describes the journey of people who accidently met on the “Silk Road” while trying to explore trade opportunities beyond their native landscape. The people who met happened to be inherent musicians .They come up with a composition borrowing elements from their native lands and yet try to explore new elements.


Performers: Avrosh Kumar, Nikhil Bhanu, Agenya Kerure, Takumi Ogata, Sirish Satyavolu

This piece explores the ambient landscapes of sounds bombarded with bursts of gritty sounds and techno beats. Music for feet tappers and head-bobbers to actually get them to dance.


Performers: All students

This piece was originally composed by John Zorn in 1984 using very detailed rules but no preconceived sequences or rhythms. The students of GTCMT will re-create "Cobra" using their interconnected instruments under the direction of their teaching assistants, Hanoi Hantrakul and Zach Kondak.

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